Tik Tok Paid Ads



While TikTok is gaining momentum and popularity every day, I recommend that you take advantage of new business opportunities by advertising your business.
Why do we need ads on TitTok?
🔥 Wide audience: 1 billion active users per month
🔥 Reach cost on Tik Tok is almost half the cost of Instagram and Facebook ads
Why should business owners register with TitTok?
1.In TikTok, you can easily get into the main feed (recommendations for user interests) organically, while Instagram stops showing your posts if there is no engagement and reach
2.Old videos can also easily get into recommendations, while Instagram considers old posts irrelevant
Who is Tik Tok advertising suitable for?
1. Retail (online stores)
2. Services (especially the field of beauty), tattoo
3. Experts
VICH DESIGN STUDIO will help you make TikTok an additional sales source today!
Why us?
✅Certified ADS specialists (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads)
✅8 years of experience in marketing around the world (launching advertising campaigns, creating copyrighted content, maintaining pages and complex promotion
✅ proven promotion methods
✅ bonus: free consultation on how to grow your business


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