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A ready-made website for an online store. A platform where you can display goods, with the option of payment, integration with a delivery service
Additional functions (function for bulk orders, integration with affiliate marketing, cross sales, up sales, email marketing included)
1.Defining the task
What is the site for?
2.Select a system
3.The final statement of work
Correctly drawn up work statement allows us to clearly define all the points and subtleties that we will face when creating a site.
4. Layout design
5. Site layout
After approval of the design of all the necessary pages (levels), the site layout begins.
6.Filling with content
The next stage of making a site is filling the site with information. The customer provides all the necessary materials (texts, photographs, pictures, etc.) in any form convenient for him.
We teach you how to use the site, how to post articles, change products, etc
We will carry out all the necessary updates, adding news, articles, texts to the site as needed. It’s very easy and fast with us!


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