How to stay motivated?

Have you ever wondered: “why am I doing this”,” why am I waking up so early just to see the face of people I don’t like?”, “what’s the point of doing all of this?”

In one of my previous articles, I am speaking of discipline being the key to success, and like Jocko Willink would say, “discipline equals freedom”. Discipline is the only solid and reliable thing that will lead you to your achievement. I cannot agree more. However, what is the point of being under such discipline if there is no goal, no objective?

In this article, I am going to speak about the importance the motivation and how can you keep it on.

Let us start with goals. In my previous article “Why sports people are more successful in sales”, I am speaking about the importance of persistency and process to follow. When you do a sport or a job, or both, you have to wake up early and to be organized if you want to do everything in 1 days. Once again, “discipline equals freedom”. Freedom to have time to do what you have to do.

On the other hand, being a sportsman, being a salesman is not everyday paradise. Being disciplined means also making sacrifices, choices. Training VS parting, early VS late, alcohol VS non-alcohol, diet VS junk food, etc. No one likes to do all those things for free. So why and how can we do such things? Because we settle goals to achieve. In sports, they are competitions, in business they are incentives. Are the rewards we are getting worth the efforts we are providing? Of course, it is up to each individual to evaluate this worth. But because sportsmen are used to get goals regularly, it becomes easier to comply with this process. For example, have you met those people who are eager to be the best, no matter the discipline? That is because of their challenge oriented spirit. Most of the time if you check their background, you will find out that most of them will be from competition sports.

Now, what if you are not into competition and you like your life as it is, no pressure or need to change anything? By experience, it doesn’t mean you do not like challenge, it only means you have other priorities. For example, your family (providing for them, entertain them, taking care of them, etc.), your pets (food, accessory, etc.), or even yourself (new bags, cloths, vacations, etc.). Everyone has at least a minimum of “what’s in it for me?”. It is then up to each individual to understand what they are, and what needs to be done to get them.

There comes the big question: How to stay motivated? How can we keep the motivation still on?

First, settle your objectives. They can be short, middle, long term. I mentioned it before, it is up to everyone to evaluate their own objectives. Being the best, planning vacations, buying a new TV, getting a new bag, a new watch, passing a new diploma, etc.

Second, stick to them. Forgetting your objective and getting a new one can happen, but because of that, you may not keep your focus on your priority, and then would lose interest and at the end, motivation. Write down your objectives, or keep looking, browsing about them. Become your objective. For example, you plan to travel to Dubai, don’t just think of going to Dubai. Get information about it often, i.e. podcasts, documentary, photos and videos, lifestyle, things to do and things not to do, etc.

By doing so regularly, you will build your mind around it and will keep it in your vision.

Third, if you struggle anyway on the things you have to do, this can happen, think about what would happen if you do not do it, and what would happen if you do it. Time flies, and there are only 24h in a day. What you do within this time is up to you. The outcome of your choices and actions depends on you. If you do not do what you have to in those 24h, will it get you closer to your objectives? If you do though, what will be the consequences?

To finish, staying motivated is not only a matter of complying with each other and to do a better job. It is first of all to stimulate yourself, in order not to be bored. Remember the first time you started a new job or tried something new. You got motivated because of the stimulation you were having from it. Try and keep stimulated, one way or another, and your motivation will be easier to catch, and to maintain. 

What about you? What do you do to stay motivated? Share your thought and experience in the comment box, they can be relevant for every reader!

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