Why is branding so important to your company?

Even when we don’t say anything we are communicating something, the same thing happens with our company.
The communication decisions we make will generate feelings and ideas in the audience that will be associated with our brand.

If we offer contradictory messages we will create confusion, which will diminish confidence in our company and could even generate negative brand sentiment or appreciation.

If we do not invest time and effort in defining our target audience and we speak to our audience in the wrong way we will become irrelevant.

It all begins by defining the company strategy, it is essential to define who we are, what are our values, our mission and our vision, what is our value proposition, how are we different from the competition, what feelings and emotions we want to be associated with our brand.

These efforts will be directed to real people with real interests. For this it is essential to have demographic information about our potential customers through market research or data analysis to be able to understand their habits, preferences and needs and later be able to communicate effectively with them.

Communication should not be focused on our interests and beliefs, but we must listen and understand the audience we are addressing, being clear about our strengths but focusing on generating value. This is what branding is all about, making all those meanings that we built in the previous stage reach the public.

We must contribute something to those who are on the other side in order to build a relationship with them. We must also be interested in them and involve them in order to generate a feeling of community and co-creation of emotions and experiences related to our brand.

This will help to position ourselves in the market, differentiating us from the constant stream of ephemeral stimuli that go unnoticed through our senses.

In no case is it about lying or inventing qualities that our product does not possess, which is very counterproductive since users will feel cheated and disappointed.

It is about acquiring a deep uderstanding of both the interior of the company and the natural and sociocultural ecosystem in which it is located, as well as clear and defined strategies that are maintained over time.

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