Ecommerce SEO guide for online shops

How to drive more traffic to your online store? Read my article and find out about the most effective techniques that are guaranteed to increase traffic and sales.

  1. Keyword Research

As with all SEO campaigns, online store SEO should start with keyword research. In online stores, there are two main types of pages for optimization: category and product pages. Be sure to cover all keywords, both basic and variant, so-called semantically related words and synonyms (for example, “complete set of equipment”).

  1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the optimization of the internal structure of the site. In order to get search engine traffic from every content you publish, your website needs to be perfectly optimized and prepared for Google so that they can read the information on your site quickly and easily. How to Optimize On-Page?

  • Write a heading tag with a keyword
    Place the keyword closer to the beginning of the title tag.
  • Write H1, H2
    Always try to style your heading with an H1 tag and an H2 tag for your subheading.
  • Decorate beautiful content with images, videos, and charts to reduce bounce rates and increase time on site: two of the most important factors in user experience ranking.
  • Use links
    Try to use outbound links. If you are linking from reputable sites, this will be a big plus for your rankings. Internal links are also powerful tools for better navigation.
  • Use a readable URL. You want the links to be as light and readable as possible.
  • Fix duplicate content and page errors
  1. Site speed

Optimizing speed is another factor that definitely needs to be worked on. You can improve the speed of your site by using a CDN, compressing images, or by purchasing a faster hosting.

  • What is the best speed?

Your site should load no more than 4 seconds.

  1. Write unique descriptions of products and categories

Try to make the product description easy to read, mention the benefits and benefits (i.e. what the customer can get). Do not copy product descriptions from manufacturers’ websites, make them unique.

  1. Add schema markup for snippets

Snipets are not only more attractive in search results, but they also generate more clicks and increase CTR by up to 30%. This traffic leads to increased sales.

These are my tips for promoting your online store on the Internet, following which you can create the perfect store structure that will generate traffic and sales. What other SEO strategies do you know? Share them in the comments!

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