How to increase sales engagement

What is Sales Engagement Degree?

This is the interaction that takes place between two parties – the buyer and the seller. This interaction is usually measured in terms of the buyer’s actions, for example, the total time spent watching a presentation or webinar, opening a newsletter, and making a purchase. These are the so-called indicators of measuring the dynamics of sales.

How to increase engagement and sales?

  1. Study your client

The most important thing is to study and find out your client’s profile – what problems they have and what you can offer to solve them. It is very important to understand the client’s mindset and approach them with a strategy that best suits their goals, not yours. If you have a sense of your client’s profile, you will be able to build the right conversation that will lead you to results, rather than just a memorized piece of script.

  1. Integrate AI for more effective communication

In fast growing world of BigData there are few companies that successfully integrate AI to communicate with customers. This is how we miss opportunities. For instance, you can use chatbots that you can integrate into your site.

  1. Monitor the dynamics of the efficiency of each channel

In terms of sales and channels, the ones that work today may not necessarily work tomorrow. Your top performing channel can lose popularity very quickly, and you should be aware of this by constantly monitoring traffic and sales.

  1. Be aware of new trends

Stay on top of all the latest sales advances and use advanced, streamlined communication methods. For example, one of the latest trends now is video messages in mailing lists. Email open rates increased 60%, and forwarded emails with personalized videos rose 70–90%.

If you follow these rules, then you can get a big advantage over your competitors. What sales growth strategies are you using?

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