Monthly Archives: September 2021

Google Smart Shopping Case

The goal of campagn was to increase sales of the online martial arts equipment store through the Google Smart Shopping campaign Budget up to 2 USD per day Audience – men, 17 -45 years old Geography – European countries, USA. England Interest – muay thai, boxing, martial arts, MMA Results Reach 115581 Click 422 Cost […]

The importance of cross-selling and upselling

Selling a product/ service is important. But selling a product/ service with more or better products/ services is even better. This is what we call cross-sell and upsell. What are they for? Increase the consumption and the purchase by adding additional product/ service/ value to an initial purchase. The topic of this article is to […]

How to monetize YouTube channel?

YouTube Premium 👌⠀YouTube Premium is a paid membership program that allows users to watch and support an ad-free content creator. You will be paid for the content used in YouTube Premium. This income may be additional to those that already work in your case.⠀Sell ​​directly in the video 💪😀⠀You can sell your services through your […]

How are Instagram search results ranked?

Adam Mosseri talked about how the social network ranks search results. The head of Instagram emphasized that search and recommendation feed work in different ways. In search, Instagram strives to show the most relevant results that respond to a specific query. If the user enters the search block, the first thing he will see is […]