How to generate sales from e-commerce business?

Have you just created an online store and are looking for the right strategy to get your first sales? How to choose the best and the most effective channel to generate big sales? Lets explore all the existing promotion channels for 2021.

Remember that an online store by itself does not give a sale; you need to work and apply set of strategies in order to promote it.

What channels should you use?
-email marketing;
-content marketing;
-social networks – Social Media Marketing (SMM);
-different types of collaboration (work with influencers and bloggers, affiliate marketing).

SEM is a paid advertising (SEM) setup. Using this sales channel, you can quickly set up advertisements (5-7 days or more) and attract targeted audience to the your shop. It is important to start promotion more specialized keywords. as they have low competition, cost per user visit, and high conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
In order for the search engines to give your business in the top, you and your team should work on the following parameters
-good speed of website loading;-good server and CDN
-ease of navigation;
-mobile version adaptiviness (now most people buy on mobile phones)
-content, keywords
-absence of duplicate pages on the site;
-lack of internal technical errors;
-link building
-site presence in directories, etc
The whole focus of promotion should be directed to products and to develop high-quality content with the most complete information on products.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is my number 1 tool that many marketers like to use. Its useful functions are the automation of processes, as well as the use of additional channels of communication with clients, like SMS marketing.
When automating, you use pre-established algorithms for automatic actions: importing data about subscribers and customers into the mailing service, segmenting contacts, generating and sending campaigns.
Triggered messages are automatic individual email, sms or web-push messages that are triggered by a specific event (newsletter subscription, abandoned view) or condition (customer hasn’t made any purchases for 3 months).
How to build a subscriber base?
Make an attractive popup form on the site. It is better to use different forms on different pages of the site – a widget on the main page, static forms in the body of articles, a pop-up window for users who leave the site.
What triggers are there?
You can set up a wide variety of triggers, for example
“After purchase” series – we take a review, offer products for the next most likely purchase.
A series of reminders for those who have not made purchases for 1/3/6/12 months – we return customers with tempting offers and discounts.
A series of loyalty letters for VIP clients – we create a feeling of special care, provide a higher level of service.

SMM is an advertising and promotion through social networks.
Here you can use:
Targeted advertising – advertising customized to a specific audience segment
Retargeting is an advertisement that returns an audience who viewed your product. This tool requires injecting a special code into the site called Pixel.
Such advertising works with an already prepared account on the social network, otherwise you risk losing your budget, the client will pay attention to the ad, but will not subscribe to a low-quality account.

Marketplaces integration
Building a sales on local and international marketplaces is another way to boost sales throuout the world. Sales commission may vary depending on the chosen marketplace. You should also take into account the geography of your target audience, because there are marketplaces for Asia, Europe, Russia and the USA.

Content marketing
Content marketing will help you to stimulate your sales and engage visitors with attractive or imformative content.

Benefits of content marketing as the first digital channel for customer acquisition:
-increasing brand awareness;
-rapidly increase SEO traffic to the site through informational articles;
-assistance in collecting subscribers for Email and SMM channels;
-interaction with the target audience;

This was my overview of the winning strategies for promoting an ecommecre business. If you wish to create one contact us today and we will help you to level up your business

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